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    Frequently Asked Questions

What is matched betting?

Matched betting means covering all possible outcomes of an event, e.g. England v Italy; you would cover an England win, England loss and the draw. The way we make money doing this is we take advantage of online offers that bookmakers have, use the above method and qualify for a free bet. Now, to make money from this we apply the same principle and cover all outcomes, except this time the money you recoup from free bet is now profit!

How much money can I make matched betting and is it time consuming?

Lots! Thousands of members are consistently making between £500-£2000 per month risk free. Typically, you can make this amount for just a couple of hours dedicated time per day. However when you first start it will take you a little longer to complete the offers,  you can start making money online immediately. As you become more confident you will need less and less time spent doing this.

I already have accounts with bookmakers, can I still make money?

Absolutely yes! There are hundreds of sign up offers from bookmakers, your existing accounts will also qualify for further free bets that you can make money from risk free.

Is this legal?

Absolutely – In fact even Graham Sharpe, spokesman from William Hill stated: “There’s no illegal element. It’s a free bet and you can do what you like.”

What is Risk Free Money Maker?

We are a proud affiliate to Profit Accumulator, the UK’s leading matched betting website. We offer support via our contact details for any further questions you may have.

What is Profit Accumulator?

This is the website you will be signing up with, for free. They offer incredible support and step-by-step video tutorials so that even without any previous experience of betting you can become a matched betting expert. Go there now.

What are the risks of matched betting.

Because matched betting covers all possible outcomes of a sporting event, the only risks that exist are human error, placing the wrong amount for example.

Profit accumulator takes care of that, an easy to use website calculates how much you should bet and even what you should bet on. Furthermore, you receive unlimited online support from the thousands of members already making money by matched betting.

What do I need to get started?

Simple, an email address, a computer or phone (computer is easier), and an internet connection. You can join now for free to start making risk free money online.

Want to read more on matched betting, head over to RFMM’s blog for detailed examples of matched betting being put to use making risk free money!