October 25, 2015

Manchester Derby – Make £75 Profit

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Bet365 are yet again providing us with a risk free money opportunity in which you WILL secure up to £75 profit.

The bookie that keeps on giving are offering a £50 Risk Free Bet In-play when you place a £50 bet before kick off. There are two ways this can work; below we will give you step by step instructions of both.

Matched betters will be using option 1, for others to use this method you will need to sign up for a free account to profit accumulator to use their calculator, plus you can continue to make use of these offers daily and start making money on them.

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Or you can use option 2 but we recommend the following:

Option 1

This can be taken advantage of anyone with a bet365 and Betfair exchange account and is a lot safer to use than option 2 (Bookmakers will soon pick up on option 2’s methods and can restrict accounts). This option will make you between £35-40 profit.

Step 1:

So we use matched betting to minimize the loss on the qualifying bet, the best option here is the Man Utd, currently back odds 2.62 (Bet365) , lay odds 2.68 (Betfair Exchange). When we look at Profit Accumulator’s matched betting calculator it shows a £2.68 loss.

Step 2:

No we place a bet once the game has kicked off in-play, because it’s a risk free bet we use the calculator as SNR (Stake not Returned). The best time to do this is at half time when the odds settle; usually it is quite easy to find a close match on the goals market such as Over 4.5 Goals. We want to take odds of over 5. In this example you can see there is a profit of £39.25/27 minus the £2.50 qualifying giving us a total profit of £36.50 .

Screenshot 2015-10-18 13.01.06

Risk free bet (SNR) – £37.64/62 win

Screenshot 2015-10-25 09.28.59

Qualifying bet: £2.68 loss









Option 2

This method requires only a Bet365 account and is quicker but shouldn’t be used too often as will flag up your account soon. This will make you either £15 or £75 profit.


Before kick off, place a £50 on Man Utd or Man City Double Chance, currently odds are at 1.3, if this bet wins (Man Utd win or Man City win) you win £65, profit of £15.

Step 2:

Once the game has kicked off place a £50 bet on Draw, currently odds are at 3.5, if this bet wins (Draw) you win £175, profit of £75.

Screenshot 2015-10-25 09.26.52

Bet365 Man Utd/Man City Double Chance

This may seem complicated but is quite a simple offer in which you can make risk free money and we can offer support during the game! Just drop us a comment on Facebook (Page below).



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