October 17, 2015

Ladbrokes £25 Refund

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Soon you will have worked through Profit Accumulator’s start up offers and you’ll be transitioning to reloads. If not, I would recommend going through the start up offers listed, however, if you already have a Ladbrokes account, then this is for you!

Today Ladbrokes are offering a £25 Refund on losing bets in the Spurs v Liverpool game, if both teams score. Given Klopp’s aggressive/attacking style I imagine this to be likely, also being a blind following LFC fan I also don’t think Spurs will win, just my loyal (but dumb) opinion.

So to trigger the refund you need to placed £25 bet on this fixture, now the best idea is to use Profit Accumulators odds matching software to find a close match and minis the qualifying loss, I however am choosing the spurs win which I backed at 2.4 with Ladbrokes, and played with Betfair at 2.54. This made a qualifying loss of £2.30 (See picture below). This is generally more than I would usually accept but has a great chance of triggering refund.


Screenshot 2015-10-17 10.00.13

My Back Bet with Ladbrokes

Screenshot 2015-10-17 09.59.22

My Lay Bet with Betfair Exchange








If we hit the refund then we have made a profit of £22.70! This is just one of the offer I will be completing this weekend.

I hope you have found this helpful! Leave a comment if you have any questions!


Screenshot 2015-10-17 10.00.48

Screenshot of Profit Accumulator’s calculator


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