October 16, 2015

3 Steps to keep track of your bets and accounts.

So if you’ve got some experience matched betting or you have just signed up to profit accumulator through our website, this post will contain really helpful information that will keep you focused on making money and spent less time working out where all the profits are.

An example of a typical morning of matched betting; you’ve placed 3 qualifying bets on, done 5 free spins and completed a free bet all over different bookmakers, yet it seems a bit confusing and you are thinking, so what is my profit? This is a common scenario people new to matched betting find themselves in, and different ways to tackle this:

Step 1:

Firstly, to keep things less confusing I created a separate bank account for all my betting activity, keep things separate and easy to manage. This may sound drastic but you’ll soon get frustrated tracking withdrawals, setting up a bank account is easy nowadays, you can just use your existing bank and set up online, card comes through the post in 48 hours – you are good to go!

Step 2:

Secondly, and this one is really simple, set up a new email address, a lot of offers will come through via emails and it can be a bit annoying if you’re not sitting down to do betting, but you want these emails to come through somewhere to utilize the risk free money opportunity!

Step 3:

Finally, to keep track of your betting activity, deposits and withdrawals you will need to keep a record. Some people rely on pen and paper; when I do channel 4 Racing on Saturdays (read more hereADD LINK TO OTHER BLOG) I use pen and paper because of the sheer amount of bets I use, so when the race finishes I can see if I have triggered a free bet. Any deposits or Withdrawals I use a spreadsheet to keep track. Below is an image of the spreadsheet I use, some people may prefer just a simple balance sheet. But this way I know which account all my money is in.

An old screenshot of my bookmaker balances >screenshot blog

Don’t be alarmed by the red boxes for those new to batched betting, any loses incurred will be recouped in the opposing bookmaker/exchange.




Everyone will have their own preference on how to keep track of your bets, those are my methods and keep me organized so I can spend more time making risk free money.

Feel free to drop a comment below on how you’re managing to keep track, or if you’re having any difficulties let us know and we will have some suggestions for you. You can also like us on Facebook to meet other matched betters out there in a more personal way to the large forums!




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