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August 16, 2015

Read how I was able to make £35 profit risk free by matched betting today

So the only thing made today bearable watching $terling run out for City (I’m a bitter Liverpool fan, but I do wish him all the best, honestly) was the fact I knew I could make £35-£40 guaranteed on the match thanks to a fantastic offer from bookmaker bet365.

Bet365 £50 risk free

Email Offer- Bet365 £50 risk-free

Hopefully the readers of this will have some existing knowledge of matched betting, if not you can head to our homepage and get some quick info.

I am going to explain how I made £35 profit risk free on Man City vs Chelsea today.

So Bet 365 offer was that if you place a £50 bet before the match kicked off they would give you a £50 risk free bet in-play, now there is a few things I should stress. Firstly, a risk free bet is not the same as a free bet; you must stake your own money on the £50 risk free bet and if it loses Bet365 will refund the whole stake. Secondly finding a match between your back and lay bet can be a little stressful but if you wait until half-time the market stabilises and become a lot easier to find close matched.

So the first thing I did was calculate my qualifying bet using our matched betting calculator (found in bookie bashing toolkit), thanks to the back and lay calculator I made a £2 loss on my bet, and knew that regardless of outcome I would recoup £48 back off my original stake (I backed and played  the draw by the way). Now this £2 loss is totally worth it because I have qualified for their offer of a risk free bet in-play.


Split screen - comparing odds

Split screen – comparing odds

So now I waited until half-time by which point City were only 1-0 up despite Agüero bullying John Terry for 45 minutes, I looked for as close matches I could find at odds around 6.0 which I found to be a draw again (the odds had moved due to scoreline). I again used our Calculator, but this time the Free Bet Calculator which factors in stake not returned, backed and played the draw with the stake recommended. Again I knew regardless of the result at full-time one of my bets would win £37.12, if you take in to consideration that I lost £2 on my qualifying bet that makes a £35 profit.

These type of offers exist in many forms with every bookmaker and can be turned into risk free money! Feel free to sign up to our mailing list so we can send you these offers straight to you!

For more info on matched betting feel free to check out our Website. If like me at first you remain skeptical of matched betting you can read a list of reviews from reliable sources such as the Guardian, the Telegraph, Money Saving Expect etc!

As you can tell, this is a fairly new blog so please feel free to comment what type of content you would like to see in the future! 

I’m off to watch Liverpool at Anfield tomorrow where again my only consolement if we lose is that at least I can profit financially from it with another offer, this time from BetVictor! Enjoy the rest of your weekends fellow Risk Free Money Makers!



August 13, 2015

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